<145> I’m in my classroom and my hot teacher miss Jennifer keeps looking at me during class. She walks over and passes me a note reading “stay back after class” so I did…….. After class was done I walked over and asked what she wanted? she replied slowly saying “you between my thighs”. I was shocked, but as soon as she said this she slided open her legs. She wasn’t wearing a skirt, so I could see everything at this point. I was trying to cover my boner, but she said no and she locked the door and walked over and grabbed it. She then unzipped me slowly caressing my penis; I was in heaven. She kissed me tenderly and I put it inside her, she moaned slightly. I started thrusting my hips as she moved up and down. Soon after then I got faster and faster she took off her top and bra exposing her big breasts telling me to suck and bite. As I did this she tried not to scream. Again I started picking up the pace and we both climaxed together. It was magic, but she wasn’t done. She sat me on a desk and quietly went down. She grabbed my penis and sucked up and down leading on to a deepthroat. While she fingered herself we both climaxed again. She kept going on about how good I tasted and she gave me her adress and we do this a few nights a week. ;)


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