<154> To My Boss - Take me out on a date, mister. Take me out, so you can get to know me. Because you really want to know me. I choose to wear a slutty, short, tight, red dress. Because I want to show you everything I’ve got, I want you to see my best assets. It’s a bit cold, but I want you to use that excuse to keep me warm. You wear something nice, something I haven’t seen you wear before. Black jeans that show of your cute ass and a nice dress shirt, I think you want to show off a wee bit too. You smell nice. I like the way you smell, it’s a familiar scent to me now. You’re waiting for me I’m my driveway in your car and you quite obviously check me out. You’re already starting to get turned on. After all, you’ve never seen me like this. I want you to check me out. I hop in the passenger seat and smooth down my dress against my thighs, I’m wearing skin colored tights. I can’t wait for you to feel them. My mission is to at least get you to feel them. So far our relationship has been strictly Boss/Worker and this has been the first time you’ve invited me out anywhere that wasn’t work related. I’m not entirely sure why you did, I know how I feel about you, but I wasn’t sure how you felt about me, considering you have a wife and two kids. We go to the movies, and you basically check out my legs the whole car ride. I can’t wait to be alone with you in a dark movie theater. We picked the latest comedy, I was hoping for the classic horror movie move, but never mind. You are so strong, because of the work you do at work; I like checking out your biceps, you’re not thin, but I like that about you. The dress I chose is really working. I love that your eyes keep following my body. We laugh a lot at the movie and you keep looking my way as if to see if I’m laughing too, and I am, but I’m looking at you, because I want you. I change my position in my seat, so my legs and upper thigh are easy to see. I gently rub my upper thigh with one finger, you notice and you watch as I slide my finger up my thigh to my hem, which has ridden up quite a bit, almost so you can see my ass cheek. I can tell that these simple movements are turning you on, since you haven’t looked away from the movie for this long before. You look up and meet my eyes and smirk at me and I smirk back and look back at the screen. I start to get turned on just thinking about what I would want to do with you. By the time we got out of the movie theater it was too late for dinner at a restaurant, but we were hungry and got some food from a dairy/(Convenience store) you’re a gentleman and you pay. I overhear a man tell you what a “Nice piece of ass you’ve scored there, you getting lucky tonight?” and I don’t hear you say anything, but I hope you’re nodding “yes”. When we walk out together I think you’re pretending I’m yours at least for the night and you give me a cheeky spanking on the ass and a wink to the guy you were talking to. I’m not scared of flirting with you anymore. I peel open one of the chocolate bars you got me and I ask, “So what do you want to do.” You basically ignore my question, “You look really sexy tonight. Why don’t you have a boyfriend, with a body like that…” I laugh at you “I’m not sure, you tell me” You approach me as I lean against your car with my dress slightly hitched up now, I bite on my chocolate bar. You’re so close now. You kiss my neck. You kiss all the way up to behind my ear and you look up into my eyes. Placing your hands around my waste, you gently kiss my mouth. I want so much more. “Did you wanna go home now?” I think the guilt takes over both of us, no matter how much I want to fuck you… I bite my lip and I must have dropped my chocolate bar, who knows… and I don’t care. We just look at each other for awhile, while you hold me close to you. “You don’t want to go go home do you?” I shake my head and pout my lips, “no I don’t”. We know we shouldn’t do anything we’ll regret later. For the first time tonight I notice the shape in your pants, you really don’t want to go. But you turn away from me and adjust yourself, hiding that little bulge. “I really don’t know how you don’t have a boyfriend.” You say before entering the car. On the way back to my place you kept adjusting your jeans so nothing showed and I wonder how dirty your mind is. Maybe you think about sex more than I have tonight. We pull into my parents drive way and thankfully there are no lights on. You smile at me and say thanks for the nice evening, so polite. But I really want to fuck your brains out. The way we kissed, the way I’ve felt about you lately, I’m so turned on, I just want to fuck and I stop caring about the consequences, you make me horny at night and I’ve waited so long to have a chance to do so. Now’s my chance. I climb on top of you, straddle you, dry hump you while I make out with you and I feel the bulge in your pants grow. God I love it. I unbutton your shirt and slide my straps off my shoulders and show you my naked tits. You act like a fourteen year old boy who has’t seen a pair before and rub them together with your hands, you lick the nipples and that bulge is getting bigger now. I want to make you nice and hard I want to be that bitch of a cock tease. I rub my tits up against you while we tongue some more, I want to wrap my tongue around your rock hard cock. But I won’t. No its too soon for sex… I’m your little cock tease. I rub your cock inside your pants, god I want to lick it. But I won’t, not yet. I pretend to be guilt struck. I stop and say to you “I can’t” you look at me confused, “your wife” I say and you look equally as guilty. However you squeeze my ass cheeks like you know my real plan and say “maybe next time, then.”


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