<108> I’ve had my eye on you for a while, and I’ve noticed the glances you take at me. One day during class you decide to pass me a note saying to meet you in the hallway in a few minutes, so it doesn’t look suspicious to anyone. A little bit after you leave the room I get up and walk out the door. You were waiting just outside the door and grab my wrist and corner me, totally in my personal space. You look at me with these gorgeous deep brown eyes. You say “hi” and I say “hi” with a little smile. You take my hand and lead me to a bathroom, men or women, it doesn’t matter. I lock the door, so that we’re not interrupted. I turn around, biting my lip, and you’ve got a smile on your face, using your finger telling me to come on over. You press me up against the counter and slide one of your hands over my breast, cupping, squeezing, while the other explores underneath my skirt. You set me up on the counter and I’m already removing your shirt and feeling your amazingly toned body. Our lips meet and it’s nothing short of passionate and carnal. You slide my panties off and rub your hand against my dripping wet pussy. It drives me wild and you pull away from my lips, down to my neck and collarbone. I take your other hand and insert two fingers into my mouth, you lift up my skirt, then push your fingers into me and my moan is only intensified by the echo in the bathroom. I push your head down, because I want you to eat me like you haven’t eaten in a week. You lick me all over, just the way I like it. I run my hands through your hair and you moan into my pussy, sending slight vibrations from your lips onto my clit. You stop just before I orgasm and I’m frustrated. I grab you by your belt and tear it off of you, unbutton and undo the zipper, leaving it open. I graze my lips across your hips and those sexy defined sex lines. You pull off your jeans and while on my knees I grab the waistband of your boxerbriefs with my teeth. I peek inside and look up at you. I pull them down and put my lips on the head of your thick, hard-as-a-rock cock and gently kiss it. I put my hand at the base and rub with one hand while I massage your balls with the other. I run my tongue along the underside of your shaft before taking you all in, sucking you harder and harder each time. You’ve got both your hands in my hair, pushing my head onto your cock. You’re moaning with pleasure and getting louder, but then I stop, stand up, and whisper into your ear to fuck me. I’m back up on the counter, back towards the mirror and you forcefully push your dick into me and I nearly collapse from both pleasure and pain. I wrap my legs around your waist as you slide in and out of me. We’re both being too loud for our own good that people must be wondering what’s going on and why the bathroom door is locked. Our eyes lock onto each other’s as I get closer to cumming. I lick your adam’s apple, suck your neck, and nibble on your collar bone. Then I throw my head back and you grab onto my hips and lick my neck and whisper in my ear “do you like that?” as you thrust harder and faster. You look in the mirror as we keep going at it like wild animals. One last thrust and we both reach an orgasm at the same time, riding it out, both of our groans echoing. Since I’m the one who has most of their clothes already on, I leave the bathroom first, after fixing myself, and go back to class. A bit after you walk in and we look at each other and smile. No one suspects a thing.


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