<165> She’s In Charge - I really want my girl to tie me up on my back on the bed. I want her to put on a nice bright sexy red shade of lipstick and make out with me and suck on my rock hard penis. I want her lipstick all over me. She will straddle my face and grind her warm wet vagina all over my face and mouth. She’ll also make me lick her beautiful tight butt hole. Then I want her to slip a finger into my ass while she sucks on my penis. Maybe she works in a second or third finger as she goes. She will be pinching and biting my sensitive nipples. Then when I finally blow my load, she will catch it all in her mouth. She will move her way up my face, put her lips against mine, and start french kissing me while my load of cum drips into my mouth. She will be sticking her tongue into my mouth and down my throat. We will kiss till all my cum either gets all swallowed by me or drips all over our faces. Then she will sit back onto my face to have me lick up her dripping juices from her vagina. I get so fucking hard just thinking about this.


<164> My GF Made Me Get A Sex Change - My gf is bi so she likes to have sex with girls as well as guys. She alway’s used to criticize the way I went down on her and even the way I fucked, saying she got better from girls; me being dumb thinking she was just talking dirty, but she was serious. She became so overwhelmed with not getting what she liked from a girl but still deeply in love with me, she hatched her plan. For three months she was the nicest person to me to keep me from any suspicion. During those three months she had been slipping me hormone pills in my drinks everyday. Around the end of the second month I really started to notice something different with myself, I felt more empathetic and cared about a lot more things I usually blew off. And it wasn’t just the mental state I noticed, my nipples would ache and my stomach felt uneasy, but I thought I was just getting sick. My gf offered to give me a chest rub to see if that would help and it did a lot. So every time in the next month and a half when my chest started to feel tight and my stomach felt uneasy my gf would rub my chest, me being dumb not knowing she was massaging my new breasts in. My last two weeks as a guy I became more suspicious something was wrong because I had start to develop my boobs more. I figured my cold was more serious than I thought and I had something seriously wrong. I told my gf I’d give it a couple more days before I’d call the dr. to see what was wrong. She knew she had to act fast if she wanted the perfect little girl she was working on for so long. The next night I woke up to my gf shaking my shoulder saying there was someone in the house and I had to go look, so I got up to go check. I walked out the room and looked around the house and found nothing. When I came back to our bedroom I saw through the door my gf was out of bed. As I walked in I said “honey where are you” just then I got hit on the head and everything went black…..When I woke up I was in a hospital and couldn’t move and had a tube down my throat. I didn’t struggle, I figured I was attacked when I was looking for the robber and was in the hospital. I saw a my gf sitting next to me with a big smile, and then I looked up and saw a dr. He was marking something in my chart and looked up then smiled. I remember it perfectly because then he said “ahh there’s my girl”. “you’ve been out for quite a while, it’s been about two months” I was shocked and confused, did he call me his girl?? He went on explaining why I couldn’t talk cause the tube and said it was very silly and impatient on my part for what I did. Again still confused. He took the tube out of my mouth and handed me water and said “but don’t worry we did a great job, you’re going to love your new body and I’m sure womanhood will treat you lovely.” and turned around and left as I coughed up water to what he said and looked down at my body. There before my eyes where a pair of 36C boobs and a semi-bandaged crotch. I was stunned! I looked up at my gf who was grinning with delight now. I choked out “what happened” but I didn’t recognize my voice, it was high pitched and very feminine. my gf giggle and bit her lip like she was turned on by my voice. She then said ” wellll you weren’t doing better than my ex gfs, but you know I love you to death, so I figured I would make you better” as she smile devilishly ” I started a couple months ago with hormone pills and ‘chest rubs’ and then when there was that robber I woke you up for, that was me. I knocked you out and then…well, please don’t be mad but, I sliced your cock and called 911.” My jaw dropped at what I just heard, “you did what to my dick??” she continued to explain, “I just cut it a little, nothing compared to what the fine dr. did here. You see I told them that you were undergoing hormone therapy for a sex change operation and you couldn’t wait so you tried to cut your own penis off. So I cut it just enough to make it easier for them to give you the vagina you wanted so badly than to repair it. they are the ones who cut it off and made you the women you now are :)” I was stunned. and instantly my hands realized what had happened and started to explore my new body. My gf saw and continued with the story, “I had been saving up to finished your tits off and you now have 36C boobs instead of those tiny little A cups I tricked you into growing. Oh and he said it has been two months so we have been taking care of you while you were under, I’m talking about the downstairs honey. you’re ready for sex tomorrow, I’ve been making sure your pussy heals nicely so we can have lots of fun together soon ;) Oh, and we did a number on your voice box too, so you have that sexy tom girl gravelly girl voice that I love hehe” While she was talking my hands had felt my new boobs and made its way under the bandages wrapped around my waist loosely. Just as she finished my hand reached the top of my new pussy and I shuddered. “My cock! My 8 1/2 inch cock! Its GONE!!” My hand frozen above my new vagina twitched and I shuddered again, but this time it wasn’t because I didn’t have a cock there anymore, but because I felt something amazing run through my body. It was my clit rubbing against my fingers. My hand slowly went lower to feel a completely flat surface with two tight pussy lips. I was horrified and turned on at the same time. My gf started talking again and I realized what I was doing and stopped; “I have some panties and bras, we just happen to be the same size, go figure hehe. You will wear my old clothes till you buy some of your own and oh you’re a lesbian now, NO MEN” As if she had to say that to me. I wasn’t interested in being used by a guy, no dicks for me thank you very much. After she saw my expression I gave to the no men command she just half laughed like I wouldn’t be able to listen and walked towards the door. Before she left she turned to me and said, ” c’mon girl get your panties and skirt on and just throw a short on for now I’ll teach you all about bras soon enough. We are going out to buy you a dildo!” I protested and said I wanted to stay in the bed and absorb what has happened to my body. She didn’t try to change my mind, she had gotten her way already and left. I looked around the room and saw the practice dildos my gf had been using on me to heal my vagina while I was in the coma. Me still thinking like a guy grabbed one and stood up to go to the bathroom. Standing was weird. I could feel my legs touching and I felt like I had to lean forward. I didn’t pay much attention because I wanted to feel that dildo and see what I looked like. I got to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and I saw someone I didn’t recognize. My hair wasn’t short, but it wasn’t long so I had a ways to go but damn, I would have fucked the girl in the mirror hard and dirty if I saw the girl in the mirror in a bar or something before when I had a cock. Thinking that made me horny and I felt my vagina for the first time, my lips where getting wet and I could feel them touching each other. At that point my guy mind was going crazy and I stripped naked and saw my beautiful new tits and my new pussy. it was weird feeling so horny and not seeing my dick erect of my body, but I didn’t mind at the time and I grabbed the dildo and positioned it between my legs. Being my first time I didn’t know how to do it that well from that angle. I was standing with one hand on the sink and another position the dildo at the opening of my vag with my legs spread apart. I pushed it in a little and it burned like nothing else on earth so I froze. The burning sensation went away, so I pushed it in further and It burn again. I did this till it was all the way in, or what I thought was all the way in and then I pulled it back down. At that moment my knees buckled beneath me and I fell to the ground with a long moan. The feeling of the dildo coming out of me was so good I couldn’t help myself. I started sliding back in and it didn’t burn at all, it felt pretty good actually, the torte equivalent to a tongue licking your cock. And then it went in further then before and I couldn’t help but moan again. I was addicted and apparently loud because I heard a knock at the door. I gasp and grabbed my gown and said who is it. The door opened and it was a nurse, a guy nurse unfortunately. He came in and his eyes lit up like he saw a hot girl which confused me at the time. He said “I uhh heard some noises and uhh ummm I see you’re having trouble with your gown there, I just heard you and I thought I could help ya know”. Me still not really aware I was now a woman and was moaning loudly and now having a guy offering to help after he heard said yeah sure you can help, thinking he meant the gown. he walked right over to me and I handed him the gown and turned around so he could put it on me. He didn’t put it on me, he put one of his hands on my tits and the other on my clit and started to kiss my neck. it felt so good, his hand in my pussy and teasing my nips with his lips touching my neck. I was useless. His one hand continued to put his fingers in and out playfully teasing my new vagina and his other reached around back and undid his pants. I could feel his dick up against me, but all my mind was thinking about was that dildo and how dreamy everything felt, like it wasn’t actually happening and it was a fantasy I was playing out with the dildo. His cock brushed up against me again as his last finger left my vagina and then I realized it wasn’t in my mind, I was bent over by a random guy with a fat cock about to have sex with him and there was nothing I could do. My mind went into a frenzy and anything I could have done to stop it then just froze while I felt a hand feel my pussy lips and the head of his cock touch me. Just as I was about to say stop I like girls I felt him penetrate me and all I got out was “SSSSSSTTTTTOOOIIICCCCCKKKK IITT IN MEEEEE!!!!” and I felt his warm fat dick slide into my newly made vagina. He let out a sigh and slide it back out. I couldn’t feel my hand or feet I was in such pleasure. He then started to fuck me nice and slow and after about the third time his cock went all the way in I started to moan uncontrollably. It felt amazing! I thought for sure I was having an orgasm because it felt like I had just jerked off, but times two. And then he start to pick up the speed and it felt even better! I started to moan and say things like “harder” and “faster” and he kept fucking my tight new vagina. After a minute or two he went all the way in and stopped. His cock all the way in and my bent over in front he said “you on the pill?” and me being confused and then realizing why he asked said “yes, I am”. As I said it he gave his cock little pump and it tickled my pussy. “good” he said, “now get on your back, so I can finish” as he pulled his cock out of me. So I turned around to lye on my back, but before I could get down all the way I found myself getting a mouth full of his dick. without warning or asking he just start to fuck me mouth, pulling my hair, so I would suck. After he got really hard he pulled it out of my mouth and push me back and slide his rock hard cock back into my pussy. I could feel the veins on his dick as he slid it back and forth inside me and I loved the way it felt. As I got closer to an O I felt this build up like before Christmas Day, but times a thousand, as his shaft fucked me hard and fast. I was right about to start screaming it felt so good when all of a sudden I feel his dick start to twitch as it goes in and out and he starts to really moan. then all of a sudden I feel his cum shoot out into my pussy as he slide in me one last time and hunches over me, leaving me on the edge of my orgasm. before he could pull out his cock I decided since I just lost my virginity and was basically raped and OH I’M A GIRL, id deserved an O, so I started to ride his cock more. He start to moan loud which for some reason got me over the edge and I felt my pussy clench and release so fast and it felt so good I started screaming “oh god yes, I love cock”, which was out of no where for me. While I was still cumming he pulled his dick out, covered in mine and his cum and shoved it in my mouth as he said ”eat this you little slut if you love dick so much”. The taste of his cum was masked by my pussy juice which I didn’t mind so much, liking girls and all, but his cock started to get hard again and he start to pull my hair like he was going for round two in my mouth. I was being a good girl when all of a sudden the door flung open and there stood my gf…”NOT HALF AN HOUR I’M GONE AND YOU GO FOR A COCK!!!” as she stood in the door way and the guy stumbled past pulling his pants up. “You little slut! that’s your one and only cock ever, now you only eat my pussy, mkay? Here, put these on for you sugar mamma” as she threw me a sexy outfit. “get everything, but the bra on and then I’ll help you with that…then I’m gonna make you take it all off again. ;) (END OF PART ONE)


<163> I want you to take me. Don’t be gentle at the slightest. I want you to go slow at first, teasing me, making me squirm and writhe beneath you. When your tongue finally makes its way down to my clit, I just can’t take it anymore. Never once have you heard me utter anything so vulgar and dirty, seeing as I was your “innocent” little girlfriend. “Please..fuck…me” I whisper between gasps as you suck and tease me. “Oh, God, yes.” you moan, as my words easily set you off. Then you take me roughly, my gasps and whines gradually becoming louder.


<162> I know how wet you were listening to me, soaked to the seat. I text you and ask you to drive to a discreet side street I have found in the city. I am already waiting for you when you arrive. You get out and I spin you round, so that you are bent over the hood. Your hands supplicant against the hood as I pull your jeans down and peel the sopping panties from you. I kneel behind you, and in an instant my tongue is deep in your cunt. Licking and probing. Sucking your clit. My hands parting your cheeks. Rolling my tongue around your arse hole as I finger you. Your juices on my face as you cream so quickly for me. As you moan louder than I have heard you so far; I take the jeans and panties from around your ankles. Asking you to lie on the car hood with your legs wide, I watch you closely as I unzip my throbbing cock. Taking your legs over my shoulders, I slide slow and deep into you, my balls against your ass. Stroking my throbbing 7 inches in your cunt, I lean and brush my mouth to your ear. Whispering..Cum for me my fuck toy..and you do, again and again.


<161>Hot For Coach - Sometimes, I wish my sexy young and strong tennis coach would randomly text me during practice one day to come to his car, when I got in he would lock the doors and take me to his place, we would do everything we possibly could to please one another, and back to practice, never talk about it again, just random flings and shameful flirting, oh god…


<160> Whenever I see the guy I really like, all I can think about is grabbing him by his high-visibility jacket, which he wears for work, and giving him the best passionate kiss I possibly can. Then I’ll force him back against the wall, unzip his trousers, and allow him to enter me slowly. Gently. He doesn’t seem the type to go too rough on a woman, so it’ll be steady & gentle. But people can be different behind closed doors, so sometimes the fantasy changes and fiery passion takes over us both.


<159> Pissing On Your Enemy’s Face - There’s this super skeevy guy I know. I hate his guts and he’s so ugly and arrogant. I imagine having hateful, dirty sex with him while we’re both fucked on drugs. I’ll imagine that I’m wearing a black bandage dress and we’re smoking, in a haze of being high and animal lust. He’s fucked up, so I’ve come to fulfil some fantasies I wouldn’t do with someone I respected and he’s using me as a tool in his worship fantasies. I pull my tits out over my dress and smoke some more. He sits closer to me on the couch in his drug den house. The curtains are closed and we’re keeping the daylight out and our filth in. I fucking hate him. I sneer down at him as he starts rubbing my nipple. Pleasure creeps on me. I hold one tit in my hand and push his face down with my other hand. “Suck my tit,” I demand. “So I don’t have to see your fucking face.” He obeys, worshipping my body with his eyes. He hates me. He just wants my body, and I hate him. Our pleasure is totally detached. His hot, wet mouth closes over my nipple and he starts sucking on it. I lean back with my hands above my head. With one hand, he continues to squeeze and rub my nipple. I close my eyes to forget about him, just taking in the pleasure of having both nipples played with. He moves away, sitting back and eyeing me lecherously. I take a draw from my joint before pulling my dress up, my naked cunt lips are pressing against the nylon of my tights. He ducks down, putting his nasty mouth right over my whole cunt through my tights and licks over me tantalisingly. “Bite through it,” I snap. He pulls at the thin material, biting holes in it, exposing my glistening wet lips and clit. He gets right to work on eating me out. He licks it like it’s the sweetest thing he’s ever tasted. His whole tongue works in and out of my clit. He sucks my whole pussy. I writhe and moan, my hand wrapped around his shitty long hair, pushing his face into my cunt. I work my body around, letting go of his hair and point my ass straight up at his face. “Eat my fucking ass. Lick my shit hole.” He moans, leaning down and placing his hot mouth over my asshole. Pleasure shoots from the area, I almost cry out in pleasure. I just want him to devour my asshole. And he does. He starts by licking over my rim with the flat of his tongue, flicking it with the tip. He does this for a few minutes, I’m rocking back and forward to meet his licks. He then grabs my hips and holds my ass firmly against his mouth, where he pushing his tongue into my ass. He’s fucking my ass with his tongue, licking it out desperately. I love the feeling of it sliding in and out of me. I push my ass so far back into his face, the pressure of his chin on the back of my clit starts to make me feel like I’m gonna cum and he senses it. “Remember why I brought you here. Don’t cum yet,” he commands me. I reluctantly stand up. He sits on the floor with his back to the couch. My pussy is just throbbing now, I need to cum, but I need to do it his way. I straddle his face and he rubs my ass cheeks before slipping a finger up my slimy asshole. “Rub your cunt,” He pleads. I like this part. Where he begs me. “I’ll rub my cunt when my ass starts feeling good,” I reply. “Please,” He whines. His dick is out now, he’s rubbing it. He’s only allowed to start touching himself when it gets to this stage. That’s the deal. He pushes another finger up my ass. “That’s not enough, I can’t even fucking feel that. You think I wanna cum like this rather than sitting on your face?” “Please do it. I can’t handle this,” He breathes. “Please me then!” I snarl. He puts another finger up my ass. I start riding his hand. It feels good, but not good enough. He works his thumb up my ass too, I feel the strain as my ass works down on his knuckles. I almost die with pleasure as his fist pops into my ass. I have a big heavy fist in my ass. He starts working it and sucking on my clit. I bounce up and down on his hands, my tits hanging out over my dress. I’m about to cum. “I’m gonna cum,” I yelp. He sucks so hard on my clit, my ass starts gripping his fist as I begin to orgasm. “Do it,” He begs. I let go and hot piss squirts out of me all over his face. I grab a handful of his hair and push his face up to the stream. He cums and his spunk his my ass cheeks. I leavish in the moment of hatred of pissing on your enemy’s face.


<158> I want my girlfriend to make me submit, play with my ass and hold my cock as she fucks me from behind - I want it so bad that when I play with my own dick I imagine how dominating it would be. I want to feel her inside me instead of me inside her.


<157> Lying down and tanning, I see you across the narrow beach front. Your muscles glistening in the sun while you help the younger girls prepare their sailboat. You’re shirts off and you’re wearing your long black swim trunks. You’re perfectly tousled hair and Ray-Bans make you look irresistible. You catch me staring and sneak a wave and a little smile. I wave back cautiously. I make sure no one sees, as you are a camp counselor and I’m just a camper. The camp has a strict rule of no dating between counselors and campers. If you’re caught, you’re both thrown out straight away. One girl says something and you snap back to reality. Once the boat is rigged, you help them push it into the water. As they sail away, I can see you making your way over. I fix my bikini to show a little more skin and I can see your bulge through your wet shorts. You look down and turn a little rosy in the cheeks. “We still good for 2?” you ask. “Of course,” I respond with a wink. You smile at me and I smile back. From noon to 2 feels like forever. I meet you down on the beach in my sexiest bikini. You say nothing, but you usher me into the canoe. As you push us off shore, another counselor calls out. “Where are you two going?” she asks. You respond, “She needs signal on her phone to call her grandma; she’s sick.” You look back and shoot me a wink. The girl walks off and you hop into the canoe. We paddle out until the camp is not in sight. We sit in the middle of the lake and you take off your top revealing your abs. You lean in and grab my waist. You pull me in and our lips brush once, twice. We start to make out and you’re kissing my neck. I put my hand on your crotch and start to rub you through your pants. I can feel you getting harder and you let out a little weep. I kiss your neck and leave a trail of kisses down your stomach until I’m on my knees in the canoe. I pull down your shorts and take hold of your hard, massive, cock. Looking up at you, I begin to do small circles around the tip to tease you. I lick up and down the underside until you are begging for me to suck you. I start off slow and shallow, but it quickly turns to fast and deep. You’re moaning out in pleasure while staring into my brown eyes. “I’m gonna cum,” you manage to get out. I suck your cock even harder while pumping it. You pull out and cum all over my mouth and chest. I lick up whatever I can before you grab me. You throw me back onto the far canoe seat, almost tipping the canoe over. You carefully crawl over top of me and we kiss again. You move down to my tits and you gently suck them. You kiss down my stomach and slide off my bikini bottom. You lightly suck on my clit and I moan your name. You put one finger in, and then two and then three. You’re wildly fingering me while playing with my clit with your tongue. I grab your hair as my back arches. I thrust in closer to your face. You go wild with my pussy. I am moaning like crazy. “Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I whimper. You keep going until I scream out. My cum going all over your face. You lick my pussy clean and then lie on top of me. You give me gentle kisses as we put our bathing suits back on. We don’t say a word as we paddle back to the camp. When we get there you say, “Hope your grandma’s okay” and with a wink, you’re walking off in the opposite direction. Looks like I’ll have to wait for 2 o’clock tomorrow. ;)


<156> Girl Next Door - When I come over for our midnight rendezvous instead of smiling a hello and leading me to the bedroom, you’d push me against the door, catching me off guard, and push your lips into mine, hard. Hands pressing against my breasts, nails digging in through the layers of clothes you cannot wait to get off. You’d guide me to the room, lips still hungrily together not able to feed the desire filling us, hands wandering pulling at the sides of my shirt, breaking only to lift it over my head. You’d push me onto the bed, quick to follow. Lips making your way down my neck. I let out a moan. Your hands are struggling with the clasp at my back, but you finally get it and pull off my bra. Your mouth and hands are quick to cover my soft skin, licking, biting, kneading, scratching. My fingers running through your hair make their way down your back and pull your shirt off. You kiss down my stomach, making my breathing heavy. You look at me and smirk as your hands quickly have my pants off. Your lips meet mine biting and pulling as you rub me outside of my panties. I squirm against you needing more as you tease your hands below the black lace. When you finally push your fingers into me I’m fighting to breathe beneath your lips. My hands claw at your sides running up and down your skin. Your mouth trails its way down again and I bite my lip in anticipation. I feel your fingers pull at my underwear, and finally your tongue against me. You use it expertly tracing my clit and licking your way to my wet pussy. You enter me and I can’t take anymore. I’m gasping, fingers clutching the sheets as I thrust up to meet you needing more then just your tongue. I gasp out the words “Fuck me” and you pull away with a smirk. Your mouth makes its way back up my body and I can feel your hard cock against my pussy. I grind towards you as we kiss. Your breathing heavy now too. You roll us over, so I’m on top and pull your mouth away looking at me. I bite my lip and know what you want. Complying I pull at your shorts and boxers, grinning as your cock pops out to meet me. I take your balls in one hand, rubbing them gently, and take one long lick along the underside of your shaft. You’re watching me, smiling, as I swirl my tongue around your tip. I take you completely into my mouth, gagging a small amount, and as I slide my way back up my tongue presses against your cock. I can feel it pulsing in my mouth as your breathing gets heavier. My hand leaves your balls and I slide it along myself till it reaches my clit. You watch as I play with myself and take you in my mouth and finally you cannot hold back. You push my head down, fingers tangled with my hair, as you cum in my mouth. I swallow, but you’re generous and some escapes me dripping down your shaft. I’m quick to lick it up, not wanting any to go to waste. You pull my chin up to meet your lips. Our tongues exploring and tasting the sweet juices of each other. Your hands meet my breasts and pull at them as I grind against you still needing more. As I straddle you I can feel your cock getting hard again. Before I know it I can feel it against my pussy. We roll over, with you on top and you press your tip against me, but not entering. I go to meet you and you pull away. I bite my lip in frustration and you smile, kissing me. You press against me again, but pull away as I try to get you in. Laughing you kiss my neck while I breath heavily in frustration and need. “Asshole” I whisper into your ear as I go to get out from under you. You pull my head back by my hair and press me against the bed. Before I know it you press your entire cock into me in one motion and I gasp out of both pain pleasure and surprise. As you begin to pull out my hips push forward not wanting you to leave me empty. Your lips meet mine again as you push back in and my hands claw at your back. Our pace speeds up to match our breathing and we can no longer keep our lips together. You pull out of me before we’re both about to finish and my hips move up to meet the cock that was not there. I push you off of me, frustrated with your jokes. I was going to get what I wanted. I straddled you inches above your throbbing cock. You smirked and entangled your fingers in my hair kissing along my neck. Now it was my turn to tease you. I lowered myself down to your cock and as you pressed up to enter me I pulled away, you laughed realizing what I was doing. My hands caressed my breasts, pushing, pulling, pinching. I slid my hand down my body to my pussy, pressing my fingers inside. I grinded against myself as you watched wanting that to be your cock. I pulled my fingers out and brought them to my mouth, sucking all my own juices off of them. “You’re awful” you told me watching unable to wait any longer. “I know” I whispered as I leaned forward and kissed you sharing my snack. I slid myself onto your cock and back up moaning as I went. I pulled myself all the way off, loving the feeling of penetration. Each time I began to move down, your hips would push up to meet mine filling me completely. Soon I was riding you, moaning and gasping as you filled and emptied me. Your hands were on my breasts and you were breathing hard. I could feel the intensity building inside me and began to tremble. I couldn’t wait any longer and let the waves fill me, biting my lip, moaning, gasping for air. My pussy was soon filled with your warm juices and you too could not catch your breath. I collapsed on top of you as we finished. Our warm bodies heaving together, your cock still throbbing inside my pussy. We lay like that for a while before your lips met mine for a soft kiss. I rolled off of you and covered myself with the blanket that had fallen on the floor and pressed up against your warm side. We fell asleep like that, your arm around me, until my phone began to ring. It was my dad, I kissed you on the cheek and pulled my clothes on. “Hi dad” I answered with you laughing. “Oh, we’re just watching a movie, some of the boys are over too…..no dad we’re not drinking….alright I’ll come home. Bye.” We knew I had to go to keep him happy and to make sure he wouldn’t figure it out, that his little girl was fucking the boy across the street.